Adding Some Colour to the Pin Game

It was difficult for Essence Hayes to find simple pins to buy that resonated with her, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own line. She established COLORing Pins, a brand created to represent the mis- and underrepresented within the market. Her products are infused with phrases, ideals & affirmations that coincide with Afro-diasporic culture and hit the nail on the head with creativity. 

As someone who grew up trying to find images of herself everywhere—looking for people who resembled her in media, books and different career avenues—Yantics commends Essence for making her mark in this world. For creating a brand where little boys and girls can see themselves in. For making us feel included and cared about. For representing an important group who is often forgotten.

& for that, we can't thank you enough.

Check out her site here. Spread the love & support.