The Language of Ledna

A friend put me on to this dope blogger from Toronto a couple days ago. Ledna Mohamed is the author behind LednasLogic, a blog about her experiences as a young, Somali student in Toronto, social justice and the paradoxes of life. She created her blog because she wants to gain an audience, "I use my twitter account to share my postings as well. I submitted some of the posts to magazines and got them published after I brushed up on and edited them. Blogs are a great way to find like-minded people and learn," Ledna told us through Instagram.

I found myself saying "I feel you" over and over in my head as I read her posts and I discovered so many parallels to my own life. As a female, black (ex) university student I often find myself dwelling on thoughts of diversity and how to aid the lack. Her post titled "Being A Hip-Hop Head & A Woman" is loaded with sentiments that cross my mind all the time. The way Hip Hop is persecuted, how the misogyny is not a product of the art and just because you only focus on the bad doesn't mean that's all there is.

It’s nice to feel you’re not alone. I’m so glad Ledna has added her much needed voice to the blogging game and I’m excited for what she has planned for the future.