React, Respond, Criticize

An interview with an artist. 

The photographer, musician and all around curator, Max, gave Yantics an genuine interview about his artistry, inspirations and a future project he'll be putting out. Check it out!

 Taken by  William Scarth

How would you describe yourself and art? What’s your style?

I'd say it's a weird fusion of all the Western media I've come across combined with my love for Asian pop culture like Anime, Jpop/Kpop, and old Enka genres. I have this fascination with polarity, looking at opposites. The way I try and explore my art is using extreme natural aesthetics combined with super modern filthy electronic influences. Fashion and creating vibesss are always important. 

Why/When did you start to take on an artistic route?

In grade 7 I was the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. So probably since then lol.

How (if so) has developing your art changed your life in any way? 

Meeting all the talented artists of Toronto has morphed me completely, it's made me change the way I perceive and appreciate art. This development made me able to really stop, look at something, and—without insecurity—understand how beautiful it is. Small things like that have really changed my life.

 Taken by  Anthony D'Elia

What inspires you?

So many things—Instagram has become one of the greatest inspirations for me to draw from. The talent on there is unquantifiable. Jpop/Kpop artists are still pushing boundaries (shoutout to KOHH). The strength I see in people who are pushed down by society. The talented people in my city. Frank Ocean. My friends. Weed fooooor sure. 

Would you consider photography something you are passionate about and if so, do you have a dream project?

Photography is definitely one passion of mine, using it together with my other art-forms is what truly makes it important to me. I have a couple ideas I want to do once I get the chance, one is two people crying really intensely together. I want to capture that really deep sadness. 

What's the most memorable experience you've had while shooting or the most memorable response you've had to a project?

I took a picture of some guy in Kensington Market carrying a dead pig to the butcher shop.

The response was sooo polarized, I loved it (refer to earlier polarity answer). Some people were disgusted at what people do to our world, some people wanted bacon. It's exactly what art should do- make people react, respond, criticize. 

What are your future plans for your music?

This is a really exciting question for me, cause I have a project coming up with 3 songs that explore my shattered heart from last year. It's super personal, I examine my life in it, and it'll combine all the photography and videography I've done in the last while into one incredibly tight visual. The release party I'm planning with Eyeda is going to be fucking amazing.

How do you balance your art and deadlines with your everyday life?

I use google docs to write a todo list. also sometime I stay up till like 5am lmao

Any advice for someone trying to take on the path you're leading?

Actually love what you do, learn to be critical, learn to see/hear what is good and not good, trust people who show they want to have you around, build with people who make your art better. Love yourself or you gonna lose yourself <3

Peep his Insta, Vimo & him and his sister's SoundCloud.