Don't Beg Friends

An interview with an artist.

Kappa Mezu, a producer/DJ who radiates positive energy in any room he’s in gave Yantics an honest, funny interview about how he has developed as an artist. He also let us know about a future project and left us with some great advice. Advice, not only for artists, but for anyone following through with their visions.

Why/When did you start to take on an artistic route? 

When? I was introduced to DJing in late 2015 from my friend, DJ Marmalade, who is a dope DJ/BeatMaker. We would meet up on Wednesdays and share beats and he would show me how to scratch. I was super sh*t and never thought I would ever DJ  D:

Why? I didn't really want to Dj at first. I thought I was too sh*tty at scratching and that's all I thought DJing was. I met DTS, a DJ/Producer, thorough my cousin. I met up with him to show him my beats so he could help find artists for them. He played it on his turntable then mixed it with another song and I was like tf that's actually sick. He showed me the elements that kinda make DJing like scratching/mixing/juggling. I spent like 4hrs at his house doing a mix on his turntables lol it was during then I knew I had some kinda of sauce with it. 

How (if so) has developing your art changed your life in any way?

It gave me a purpose. I hate forcing things or when stuff is forced on me, it was kind of thrown at me at first but I found a love for it on my own. It’s hard seeing everyone around you doing what they love when you have no clue what you like or are even good at.

What are you inspired by and how does it influence you?

I'm inspired by Lil B, anime, video games, Music, friends & people I meet. It sounds weird saying this but Lil B taught me how to make my art. I started making collages after seeing artwork from his mixtapes. For DJing, I get Inspired by other DJs, I like seeing and hearing their approach on DJing.

 Taken by  Sebastian

Taken by Sebastian

How do you balance your creative path with your everyday life and struggles?

I put family first, music, then everything else. I don't stress my job and other things that are temporary, but music is my life & future and if I don't get it straight nothing else will matter.

What's the most memorable creative experience you've had or the most memorable response you've had to a project/show?

My most memorable creative moment was putting together "Ocean Coast" showcase. My homie was like just do it and it all fell together pretty effortlessly. The only time I was stressed was an hour into the show bare people were texting and calling saying they couldn't reach so I turned my phone off and blocked out the outside and worked with the people that came and it turned out to be a great event.

What are your future plans for your artistry?

I'm superstitious about speaking future plans into the world so I won't go into detail lol but I have a music project I've been taking my time on I'm planning on dropping soonish, more "Ocean Coast" Showcases, more mixes, and parties!!! 

Any advice for someone trying to take on the path you're leading?

Don't beg friends, be open to change and life, be humble and honest with your art, don't take anything personal good or bad, go out and make meaningful connections, practice, be thankful, know where you fit but don't box yourself, and stay focused. I've had so many people come into my life and fuck up my flow with their foolishness lol just remember that your art was there before you met them and it will be there after, never let anything sway you from it :) <3

Don't forget to check out his SoundCloud here.