Vulnerability is Beautiful

An interview with an artist.
 Taken by  Max

Taken by Max

Eyeda Sophia is an emcee, poet and all around inspiration. She has taken everything she's been through and channeled it into her overall growth and stunning artistry. We're so thankful to Eyeda for giving us such an open honest interview and we hope you enjoy!

When/Why did you start to take on an artistic route?

I grew up in a very displaced, abusive home. At a very young age, poetry and Hip Hop in particular helped me find escapism. It became a healthy addiction. I believe the first album I REALLY listened to, that moved me, was Mos Def and Talib Kweli “Are Black Star".



How (if so) has developing your art changed your life in any way?

Without art I would have lost myself in depression. Living in a Caribbean household, mental illness was not considered a real problem (slap some tiger balm on that shit!). Being anything BUT straight was out of the question. All of these feelings—without art and the art community—would have been swept under the rug and internalized. I owe my life and my personal growth to art and music. And acceptance. Realizing there are other people just like you, struggling with the same identity issues.


What are you inspired by and how does it influence you?

Beautiful people inspire me. What makes someone beautiful? The way someone moves when they do something they Love. The way someone can share themselves with you, whether on stage or on a personal level. Vulnerability is beautiful. Self love is moving and beautiful. It inspires me to look deeper into myself, understand my insecurities and harness them. Princess Nokia is an artist who practices self love. She is an uplifting example of growth and spiritual acceptance.


How do you balance your creative path with your everyday life and struggles?

Focus is important. It is hard to maintain focus when you are stressed about rent, bills or how you're going to eat that week. More than anything, you can't be afraid of failure or the hard work that follows. The more you fail, the more you will push yourself to grow and improve if you REFUSE to give up on your goals.


 Taken by  Max

Taken by Max

What's the most memorable creative experience you've had or the most memorable response you've had to a project/show?

When I was a member of BAM Youth Slam's poetry team, for two years we travelled to the international poetry competition Brave New Voices. This experience allowed me to travel with extremely limited funds, which was on its own an amazing opportunity. The best part of those trips was being surrounded by like-minded, outspoken young individuals. It was one huge Hip Hop cypher filled with love! I made friendships that will last a lifetime and will never forget those trips.


What are your future plans

On October 18th, I will be releasing my first solo project, "MUCHLOVE". It will be an open letter encompassing my growth and progression as a young woman finding home. I will also be hosting another Summer Cypher in August, a seasonal cypher series I've hosted in Toronto for over 2 years to date now. I will continue to create and make art as I grow as a person and woman.

Peep her Insta and her and her brother Max's SoundCloud

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