6 Tips For Saving Money

1. Make a List of What You're Spending

This can be in categories for the month (e.g. Transportation, Food, Fun, etc.), a list of everything you spend money on and how much, jotting down how much you have to spend and each deduction you make or whatever else you find works for you.

2. Stop Using That Credit Card

Cut it up, lock it away, ask someone to keep it from you, deactivate it. Do something so you won't be using that thing.

If you don't have the money, don't spend it.

3. Make Some Food at Home

Go grocery shopping. Get your coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or snacks, make a large batch of something you can eat for a few days.

4. Get A REAL Savings Account

Yeah, you have that savings that comes with your chequing account, but unless you have a ton of will power, that just acts as a secondary chequing. Talk to your bank about getting another account (which can sometimes be free) that isn't connected to your debit card and set up automatic deposits. You can also get a completely different account you don't know the pin number for and can only transfer money into.

For students, ask your bank about their High interest Savings Account and thank me later.   

5. Use Cash

 Take out the exact amount of cash you want to spend each week. Leave everything else.

6. Be Mindful

Going to certain places costs money. Buying certain things at certain places costs more money. At the end of the day, the amount of money you save is up to you so think about what you really need and what you want to spend on.