7 Thangs

1. Make your bed
Aesthetically pleasing sights are good for the mind. 


2. Do something that makes you a little anxious
Ýou don't need to do one thing a day that scares you but speak up in that class, perform at that open mic, pick up that spider and take it outside instead of killing it. 
Did I take it too far?

3. Stretch
It's soooooooo good.

4. Take care of your genitals

Those gems are special, treat 'em like it. 

5. That thing you wanted to do? Yeah, start it.
Take that first step. You know what you want? Or don't?  Make a plan then go for it. 

6. Treat yo' self

We spend a lot of time doing things we have to do. Worked hard? Conclude it with something you want. 

7. Call the people you care about