Getting Rid of Shisha

The reasons for shutting shisha bars are, for lack of a better word, silly. 

Shisha is not good for our health.
This idea that shisha bars are being closed down due to health concerns is a joke. 
If the government truly cared about our health they would implement a program to ween out cigarettes,  and take the fluoride out of our water (Fluoride should not be ingested, no matter how small the amount. It's already in my toothpaste). But cigarettes make our government way too much money to pass up. If the shisha industry was bringing them billions they wouldn't even think twice about this "issue". 
Whatever people decide to do with their bodies is their business. If I want to sit in a room with group people and smoke some tobacco/herbs, I should be able to do so. Let me worry about health. 

But smoking shisha is the equivalent to smoking 200 cigarettes! 
Let me stop you RIGHT there. Cigarettes are a mixture of tobacco and over 4000 chemicals. 
Shisha is a mixture of tobacco, molasses/honey and sometimes fruit. 
Smoking shisha is the equivalent to smoking a bunch of tobacco and smoking herbal shisha is the equivalent of smoking a bunch of herbs. Don't let people fool you. 

But underage people frequent the bars.
ID them. Next.

But if we let people do whatever they want to their bodies, shouldn't we make crack and meth legal all as well?
Nope. Of course, there is an health concern which arises with putting smoke into your lungs, which isn't healthy for our bodies no matter the substance is. This however, sectors off into a whole other issue. The plant, tobacco, is not the problem, the same way the plant, marijuana, is not the problem. Just ask the grandparents of this generation and inquire about their parents and grandparents who have/had been smoking and chewing pure tobacco for years. There is nothing wrong with the plant itself, nor the herbs that are being used to replace it. 
As I stated before, there is obviously an issue with putting smoke into your lungs, but we should let people make their own decisions, as we do with cigarettes (which are obviously detrimental to the human body, I don't need to go into the statistics). 
Regardless of all this-which makes this ban even more ludicrous-this law is a attacking the use of hookah to smoke herbs, not even tobacco. Of course, like I stated before, smoking is smoking, but an individual's health is something the individual sound regulate. Nobody is forcing anyone to smoke shisha, so leave us be.

Shisha spots are the places where I can come together with the people I love, vibe to some good music and meet some new people while I do so. These bars have been a hub of positivity for so many lives and now it's being taken away because my government cares about my health? How sweet. Remind me how much you care about my health the next time I can't pronounce the words on my little sister's snacks, or when smog's blocking my view of the stars, 
I'm obviously being extra to prove a point but people get that way when they're about to lose something they love.

If you really want to take something away from us and you are that concerned about our health, replace our led pipes, that would be superb.


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Siya GwaanToronto, Shisha